Spring Cleaning Tips

With the weather finally warming up and the air feeling fresher, many of us are turning our attention toward freshening up our homes.  Yes, it’s spring cleaning time again!  Those long winter months indoors have taken their toll, and we’re all ready for a clean slate.  While you’re riding the wave of spring fever, now is a great time to harness some of that energy and focus it toward reorganizing your kitchen.

Many of us fall into a routine of just making do with the current organization of our kitchen.  But you may be surprised at how just a few tweaks can really change the feel of the room.  Here are a few tips to try while you’re doing your spring cleaning:

1 – Look at the big picture:  Does the kitchen flow well for the way you cook?  Are the appliances, utensils, etc., you use the most often within easy reach?  If not, see if you can make some adjustments.  Change the location of some countertop appliances for better work flow.  Switch the contents of drawers or shelves to give you quicker access to everyday items.  A simple change can make your kitchen feel like a new space.

2 – Narrow your focus:  Once you’ve addressed major workflow issues, start looking at each cabinet shelf or drawer individually.  Empty the contents and take inventory.  You may be surprised at the things you find!  Is there anything in there that you never or rarely use?  Could some items be better accessed in another location?  Really focus on what you’re storing in each section of the kitchen, and make sure the organization enhances the overall flow.

3 – Optimize your storage space:  Could your cabinets use a little extra organization?  There are quite a few after-market accessories that can help.  Simple plastic dividers can tame an unruly utensil drawer.  Wire roll-outs or baskets can give you better access to items in the back of base cabinets or pantries.  Small lazy susans can make finding spices so much easier in crowded wall cabinets.  These things don’t have to break the bank, and many can be found at your local home improvement store.

With just a little time and effort, you can have your kitchen functioning like new!  Have any spring cleaning tips you’d like to share?  Leave a note in the comments below.